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Ssshh! Turtles Nesting

Protecting Turtles At Sea Breeze Beach House & South Beach Hotel

Sea Turtles are protected in Barbados as the species is endangered, so we feel privileged that the beach at our resort is a nesting site. Our turtles nest all year round, and during the summer months, mothers visit and lay up to 100 turtle eggs in the sand. It can take 2-4 days for hatchlings to make their way up to the surface, and they usually emerge at night when it's dark. 

Sea Turtles are protected in Barbados because the species is endangered, so we feel privileged that Sea Breeze Beach House and South Beach Hotel are both located close to turtle nesting sites.

Our beautiful island is home to three species of turtles: Hawksbill, Green, and Leatherback, which visit our shores to nest all year round, and during the summer months, mother turtles visit and lay up to 100 turtle eggs in the sand.

How do turtles know where they were born? Research shows that Sea turtles use the earth's magnetic fields to navigate back to the area where they were born decades earlier, according to a study that used loggerhead genetics to investigate their travels.

Why do they return also has a fascinating answer, as the female turtles from different islands tend to have varied immune genes, suggesting that returning to their island of birth to breed is associated with the advantages in parasite resistance and diseases.

At Sea Breeze Beach House, once we've observed the signs of a turtle nesting - or sometimes the miraculous event itself - it can take 2-4 days for hatchlings to make their way up to the surface, and they usually emerge at night when it's dark. 

Ocean Hotels Barbados Group is working with the Sea Turtle Project, who give the following advice for guests who happen on these wonderful creatures.

  • Avoid touching nesting turtles or picking up baby turtles.
  • Never shine a light or use flash photography as the laying mother or hatchlings will become disoriented.
  • Guests who see any turtles on our beach should contact the Hotel Front Desk.
  • A note for the general public: Anyone who thinks a turtle or hatchlings are in trouble should call the Barbados Turtle Hot Line +1 (246) 230 0142
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Keeping The Kids Happy!

Lil Dippers Kids Club & Shore Break Teen Lounge are cool in many ways.

With complimentary watersports, beach table tennis, and pool exercise sessions among the daily choices you'll find at Sea Breeze Beach House, there's plenty to do for all ages - in between relaxing on your super-comfy sun lounger.

When the kids need a cooling-off break, our fully air-conditioned Lil Dippers Kids' Club and Shore Break Teen Lounge offer age-appropriate schedules packed with outdoor games, pool time and beach activities, as well as supervised indoor R&R, with computers, video games, TV and DVD players, board games, toys, puzzles and crafts.

Staffed by our warm, professional kids' club team, you'll relax all the easier in the knowledge that the younger members of the family are happily - and productively - engaged.

During the school holidays, our extended hours mean movie nights and other treats for the kids, and we also have a babysitting service available at nominal cost, so young-at-heart adults don't have to miss all the evening fun.

There's a warm welcome, safe practices, and activities for every kid to enjoy during their stay at Sea Breeze Beach House.

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Kadooment Soon Come!

Remembering Bajan Crop Over

As a beloved milestone in our Ocean Hotels calendar, we look forward to the time we can celebrate again, but meanwhile, what do you know about Barbados Crop Over? Check out a brief history of this colourful Bajan celebration.

The National Cultural Foundation of Barbados calls Crop Over “the sweetest Summer festival”, but explains the complexities of its origins and history as a uniquely Barbadian festival that “emerged out of the tensions in the meeting and merging of the island’s British and West African heritage,” referring to the sugar plantations on which the original seed of the event was sown.

By the mid-20th century, our annual celebration had started evolving into a ‘carnival’ style, with a world of artistry competing in the creation of costumes, music and sense of fun generated every July, until the big finale exploded onto the streets of Barbados.

According to Loop Barbados way back in 2014: 'Kadooment Day is the culmination of the Crop Over season, and is held on the first Monday of August. Kadooment is a Bajan word, and can be defined as “a big occasion filled with fun and merriment.”'

A glittering parade of elaborately costumed revellers winds through the streets, organised in "bands" led by massive music trucks which fill the air with the nation’s favourite calypso and soca rhythms. Barbados has produced worldwide musical superstars such as Alison Hinds, Krosfyah and Faddah Fox, whose greatest hits have often acted as the backtrack to Crop Over.

With the booming music spurring on the revellers dressed in their beautifully decorated costumes, the energy and atmosphere of Kadooment Day is simply thrilling! Locals, expats and visitors young and old love to be a part of this massive, grand occasion, including our most famous daughter of the soil, Rihanna, who has helped bring our Bajan cultural heritage to the world through her passion for Crop Over.

So until next time, we’d like to share some colourful memories of the special Kadooment celebration at our sister hotel Sea Breeze Beach House, which is usually held at the end of August.

Click HERE to experience the vibe on YouTube!

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Chefette To Champers

Five Dining Choices Just Steps Away From South Beach

South Beach Hotel is an all-suite getaway just steps away from Rockley Beach in the heart of Hastings, offering the perfect base to explore the local food culture and nightlife that lies within walking distance of the hotel. South Beach rates include breakfast, and there's a deliciously casual lunchtime menu, but when it's time to eat out, we have some advice!

Although South Beach Hotel is known for its spacious suites with well-kitted kitchens, we know from our guests that one of the attractions of staying with us is the ease of dining out in the heart of Hastings’ popular Rockley Beach [214 steps from South Beach]. Regardless of budget, there are super restaurants and bars scattered within walking distance, offering everything from local fast-food favourites to beachside fine-dining.

Take for example our next-door-neighbour, Chefette, which happens to be one of our Bajan food landmarks as well as the home of superstar Rihanna’s favourite local roti. There are fifteen outlets across the island, including a super popular one at Grantley Adams International Airport, and once you’ve tried their chicken roti, you’ll also be an instant fan of this Caribbean classic curry wrap. Open long hours in non-pandemic times, Chefette Rockley [180 steps from South Beach] has a drive-thru for those late night longings.

If a speedy lunch is in your plans, turn right and take about 250 steps to the Quayside Centre, where Just Grillin’ will get your tastebuds excited with its local ingredients and barbecued deliciousness. Established 20 years ago in July, this family-run operation is described as “a very casual restaurant that offers good-tasting grilled food at a reasonable price.” They always work with high quality, fresh ingredients and the result is a local legend around South Beach Hotel.

Very conveniently, right next door at Quayside is dessert central, Chilly Moo’s Ice Cream Treatery, which is open from 11am until 8pm to accommodate all your indulgent urges for delicious frozen concoctions dressed with toppings for every taste.

If you consider excellent sushi for dinner to be worth 782 steps, you’ll be delighted with Naru which for almost ten years has been nestled on the boardwalk at the edge of the waves. An elegant, east atmosphere and photogenically delicious food combine to attract locals and visitors to Hastings for an eclectic menu based on Asian classics with Bajan twists. Try their Sake Mojito for a really interesting fusion of flavours.

And last, but in the busy Rockley area certainly not least, you’ll never regret turning left from South Beach and walking the mere 460 steps it takes to reach Champers, set in a chic, laid-back Caribbean atmosphere with breath-taking views of the water’s edge. According to those who know: “Our menus are comprehensive and captivating. Our dishes are uniquely authentic; international with bold intense Caribbean flavours, complimented by a simple presentation with an emphasis on fresh, quality and local ingredients.”

Kids under fourteen enjoy a menu designed specifically for them, making Champers the perfect family ‘big-night-out’!

A stay at South Beach can include self-catering in your suite’s spacious and efficient kitchen, but when it comes to eating out, we have lots of recommendations for every taste and budget.

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