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Kadooment Soon Come!

Remembering Bajan Crop Over

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The National Cultural Foundation of Barbados calls Crop Over “the sweetest Summer festival”, but explains the complexities of its origins and history as a uniquely Barbadian festival that “emerged out of the tensions in the meeting and merging of the island’s British and West African heritage,” referring to the sugar plantations on which the original seed of the event was sown.

By the mid-20th century, our annual celebration had started evolving into a ‘carnival’ style, with a world of artistry competing in the creation of costumes, music and sense of fun generated every July, until the big finale exploded onto the streets of Barbados.

According to Loop Barbados way back in 2014: 'Kadooment Day is the culmination of the Crop Over season, and is held on the first Monday of August. Kadooment is a Bajan word, and can be defined as “a big occasion filled with fun and merriment.”'

A glittering parade of elaborately costumed revellers winds through the streets, organised in "bands" led by massive music trucks which fill the air with the nation’s favourite calypso and soca rhythms. Barbados has produced worldwide musical superstars such as Alison Hinds, Krosfyah and Faddah Fox, whose greatest hits have often acted as the backtrack to Crop Over.

With the booming music spurring on the revellers dressed in their beautifully decorated costumes, the energy and atmosphere of Kadooment Day is simply thrilling! Locals, expats and visitors young and old love to be a part of this massive, grand occasion, including our most famous daughter of the soil, Rihanna, who has helped bring our Bajan cultural heritage to the world through her passion for Crop Over.

So until next time, we’d like to share some colourful memories of the special Kadooment celebration at our sister hotel Sea Breeze Beach House, which is usually held at the end of August.

Click HERE to experience the vibe on YouTube!

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