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Commis Chef Of Smiles

Look Out For Her Golden Hat At Sea Breeze Beach House

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Her dazzling smile really does light up the room, and your entire day, when you realise her golden headwear indicates that Marsha is hearing and speech-impaired. Never mind that her managers offer a chorus of praise for Chef Watson and her work ethic, team spirit and strength of will to overcome any obstacles in her way.

Like wearing a mask during the pandemic, when Marsha's ability to communicate was severely challenged, both in and out of the kitchen. The Yellow Hat initiative was a response from the HR team at Sea Breeze Beach House and Ocean Hotels Barbados that helped in very practical terms.

It has also become a symbol of diversity and inclusion to identify any member of staff with a disability within the company, which seeks to employ individuals based on their actual skills and talents.

Ocean Hotels Barbados would like to thank Marsha Watson for being an inspiration to those around her, and for being an exceptional employee within our hospitality family.

Last year, Marsha answered a Q&A for a series of profiles under the theme #GetToKnowYourTeam for International Day for People with Disability.

What keeps you motivated?

The opportunity to work and having a sense of independence.

What are you passionate about?

Cooking and travelling, and I used to swim for the Barbados National Team.

What is one of your happiest moments?

Being able to have my daughter Maleah who is sixteen months old.

What is one message for persons on International Day of Persons with Disability?

It would be great for others who are hearing impaired to have a chance to work. There are still commonalities which exist between persons without disabilities and persons with disabilities.