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Ssshh! Turtles Nesting

Protecting Turtles At Sea Breeze Beach House & South Beach Hotel

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Sea Turtles are protected in Barbados because the species is endangered, so we feel privileged that Sea Breeze Beach House and South Beach Hotel are both located close to turtle nesting sites.

Our beautiful island is home to three species of turtles: Hawksbill, Green, and Leatherback, which visit our shores to nest all year round, and during the summer months, mother turtles visit and lay up to 100 turtle eggs in the sand.

How do turtles know where they were born? Research shows that Sea turtles use the earth's magnetic fields to navigate back to the area where they were born decades earlier, according to a study that used loggerhead genetics to investigate their travels.

Why do they return also has a fascinating answer, as the female turtles from different islands tend to have varied immune genes, suggesting that returning to their island of birth to breed is associated with the advantages in parasite resistance and diseases.

At Sea Breeze Beach House, once we've observed the signs of a turtle nesting - or sometimes the miraculous event itself - it can take 2-4 days for hatchlings to make their way up to the surface, and they usually emerge at night when it's dark. 

Ocean Hotels Barbados Group is working with the Sea Turtle Project, who give the following advice for guests who happen on these wonderful creatures.

  • Avoid touching nesting turtles or picking up baby turtles.
  • Never shine a light or use flash photography as the laying mother or hatchlings will become disoriented.
  • Guests who see any turtles on our beach should contact the Hotel Front Desk.
  • A note for the general public: Anyone who thinks a turtle or hatchlings are in trouble should call the Barbados Turtle Hot Line +1 (246) 230 0142
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